VLC 1289
€ 11,30
total time: 61'58"

booklet: 24 pages
languages: english and dutch

Psalmen voor orgel - Cor Kee
Jan Jongepier, orgel - Grote of Jacobijnerkerk Leeuwarden
Den 34sten Psalm Den 62sten Psalm
Den 5den Psalm Den 65sten Psalm
Den 141sten Psalm Den 131sten Psalm
Den 91sten Psalm Den 45sten Psalm
Den 61sten Psalm Den 77sten Psalm
Den 103den Psalm Den 100sten Psalm
Den 19den Psalm Den 102den Psalm
Den 25sten Psalm Den 140sten Psalm
Den 33sten Psalm

A masterful improviser, Jan Jongepier demonstrates his great affinity with Kee's psalm settings, which doubtless arose in the process of improvising. This is music composed a half-century ago, but it will still sound quite modern to many ears. (Reformatorisch Dagblad)

It must be a pleasure for Cor Kee that these psalm settings have now appeared on cd, and thus can reach a new generation. Jan Jongepier interprets them with his characteristic care, professional competence, and respect for the composer. (Trouw)