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"Musick on the Meere-organ (1809) at Epe"
Willem van Twillert
J. P. A. F. Fischer: Sinfonia in D; J. C. Kittel: Prludium in D; L. E. Gebhardi: Was Gott tut; A. F. Richter: Ermuntre dich; J. C. Kittel: Präludium in a; H. N. Gerber: Trio in G; Trio in C; W. A. Mozart: Fuga in Es; G. Bovet: Le Boléro du divin Mozart; J. S. Bach: Bist du bei mir; Fuga in g; A. P. Fr. Boëly: Toccata, Opus 43; B. van Bree: Pas Redoublé; R. Schumann: Skizze in C, Opus 58 no. 1; Canon in C, Opus 56 no. 1; Felice Moretti (Padre Davide da Bergamo); Suonata in G; Elevazione in d

Van Twillert presents the organ with attractive music from the 18th century. Music full of jollity, fire and quietude, which seems almost to have been specially composed for the instrument. [Ref. Dagblad]

Van Twillert and Meere/Reil make an excellent combination on the cd [...] Van Twillert plays as always: involved and consciencious. Perhaps his ever-creative registrations are his finest characteristic. [Ned. Dagblad]