VLC 0291
VLC 0291
€ 11,30
total time: 65'54"

booklet: 16 pages
languages: dutch, english, german

Improvisationconcert by Jan Jongepier
on the Schnitger/Freytag-organ of the Dutch Reformed Church in Noordbroek
Jerusalem, du hochgebaute Stadt (Gezang 264, Liedboek voor de Kerken)
God, die leven hebt gegeven (Gezang 350, Liedboek voor de Kerken)
Psalm 124
Improvisation on a free theme

Live-concert recordings !

Most attractive is the combination of diverse styles which Jongepier presents, though he never strives at exact style copies. [...] Even in the original modern improvisation on Ps. 124 he manages to hold the listener's attention for more than half an hour. This proves his merits as an improviser. (Luister)

Here is a player who clearly enjoys demonstrating how beautiful the organ in Noordbroek is. (Kerk en Muziek)